Salomaa Yhtiöt Oy is a Finnish company with a tradition of excellence since 1935. We invest in and provide services for courageous professional companies committed to renewing and transforming industries. Ambine, Dagmar, KASKI Agency, Proof, Quru, RADLY and SEK are all part of the Salomaa Group.

Whatever your role will be at our companies, you will be a part of renewing and transforming industries with our teams, clients and partners. The cornerstones of our culture are freedom, responsibility and trust. We are proud of our companies and people, and provide them plenty of opportunities for competency development. There are already 400 enthusiastic, courageous and insightful professionals working for us.

Would you like to make an impact on the future with us?

Unfortunately, at this time, we don’t have any job vacancies.

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